10+ Resignation Letter Sample Template

So you seem to be done with your job or you might be being offered a better job elsewhere in the terms of a good salary package and, the learning environment or you might be finding it hard to to keep it easy with your boss anymore.

Another reason could be the job satisfaction aspect, you do not find it all worth it when you finally hit your home being all tired you do not feel to have that work satisfaction which could charge or boost your morale for other day and also chances are there that you might be planning now commencing of your own business instead of the hectic job since you do not want to work under the commands of others.

resignation letter sample

The Reasons could be in plenty of quitting a job but the way of doing that is only one and that is the resignation letter you need to write a resignation which expresses your will of quitting a job towards the boss. The Resignation letter comes into play when an employee has to formally acknowledge his willingness of quitting a job that the person is already holding to.

Resignation is a kind of a very big step that is taken by an Individual since one needs to take this decision after a critical thinking but surely an employee resigns in his own interests to explore something better than what he might be having in the present working environment.

When it comes to the role of a resignation letter, a resignation letter is a must written form of an acknowledgment from the employee to the company administration heads that a person is willing to quit his job with the company. Although the timing of writing that resignation letter over the company may differ from one company to other for example A company may require a resignation letter minimum of before two weeks before a person wants to quit the job on the other hand the other company B may require the same letter on the same day of resignation.

So the working policies of a company in regard to accepting the resignation letter may differ from one to other but the format or the way of writing that resignation letter remain more or less the same.
So here in this article assuming the very obvious fact that you are the one who is planning to resign from your present workstation and are seeking help towards writing the resignation letter,

Do not be worried anymore this article will let you know the best way of writing a resignation letter in the easiest form possible after which you will surely get through your present company and will be moving towards future prospective.

How to write a resignation letter

You are already stressed as you are already on a verge of quiting your job and now you are getting even more panic since you are finding the ways to write a resignation letter just sit down and relax
We will show you how to write this resignation letter in the simplest yet more effective way and just step by step below.

resignation letter sample

When it comes to write a resignation letter the opening of the letter matter the most since you are approaching your boss to quit your job with from company, and it is the same company from where you were earning your livelihood so you must start being gentle and nice towards them showing your gratitude the opening of the letter should be in a gentle and a friendly way remember you are just quitting your job and you still need to maintain the good relationship with your employment company

So start the opening section of the letter by some gentle words, here keep in mind that the words must be written formally so choose the words which serves both the purposes together the purpose of being friendly yet the words should be formal ones. Maintain the balance between both of these aspects and keep in your mind you still need to show some respect towards your boss keeping your professionalism in your mind.

Start your resignation letter with the respect showing opening titles such as “Dear sir or madam” as the case may be. Do not address your boss taking their name directly like “Dear Daniel” this way shows a very little respect towards him and the most inappropriate informal way.

You may rather start addressing as “Dear Mr. Daniel” this way serves both the purposes together that is the purpose of being formal and showing the respect both at once.
The other way of choosing the most appropriate addressing title is just look at the aspect that how you always used to address your boss while you were working there for example if you used to greet him saying Mr. Daniel you can opt choosing the same title but still showing the respect in addressing him is what always recommended it shows your character and the sense of respect towards your company and the Boss as well.

If you are writing the letter on the paper format make sure you properly write the date on the top left corner of the letter and then following that write the name of your Boss and the address below the date leaving some space in between them.

resignation letter

Writing a letter of Resignation

When it comes to writing a resignation letter the format and writing  other content of the letter is quite easy but a resignation letter is all about mentioning the reason of resigning from your current job and the reason depends upon you just keep in mind while writing the letter of resignation you need to provide your boss with some specific reasons as to why you are quitting your job just be subtle in that regard of the letter that means clearly mention the reason what is making you to quit your present job since most of  the times if your boss wants to retain you then The Boss would try to sort out the issues that are making you to quit the job.

Write the purpose for which you are quitting the job in subtle and clear cut language such as if you are finding the better working environment in another company clearly mention that reason that you are unable to sync yourself with the present working environment of your company and you are having better learning scope at any other place.

Further you do not have to be very open or thorough in this regard just provide your Boss with the main reason of your resignation on the other hand of the reason of tour resignation is something personal like you are not happy with the attitude of your boss towards you or you are not happy with the job at all itself then it is advisable to not to go much deeper details of it on the other hand you can disclose some other personal reasons such as the maternity issues or a better job offering proposals.

resignation letter FORMAT

Disclose such issues in a way like
“I have been granting a better job elsewhere which not only suits my interests but also provides me with the greater career prospective.” “The Reason of my resignation is something personal which is related to my family”

Other than these reasons the pursuit of further studies could also be the reason of your resignation disclose it in a way like “Sir I want to proceed my further studies and for that reason I need to resign from my present work with your company”

Basically the choice of any reason for your resignation is your own concern just disclose the reason to your boss in a way which appeals to him the most and also show some sense of respect towards your boss.

Letter of resignation Sample

We believe that with the above portion of this article you have already got an idea as to how you should start writing your resignation letter if you are indeed planning to resign. Since we are here to help you in all sorts of issues we would like to suggest you further in this regard that before you send your resignation letter to the boss, we want you to take a look of our sample resignation letter and other than that we also have resignation letter templates.
Resignation templates work automatically you just need to fill your respective details as you fill in your resignation letter and by filling only those details your resignation letter will be auto prepared. It will save your time and the efforts of making a full resignation letter on your own.

resignation letter template
You can follow such steps in order to make a resignation template on your own.

  • Firstly just copy the format of resignation template then go to the ms word and paste the copied format there.
  • Now just fill all the required details in the template both the personal and the professional kind of information.
  • Proceed further, and just check out the whole paragraph and if you find something to be changed from the paragraph you can simply edit and change it.
  • Recheck the whole paragraph before sending the mail to your boss as there may be some sorts of spelling mistakes.

In this article you have been provided with a download facility so you can download the template anytime.

sample of Resignation Letter Examples

If you are still confused about how you should actually start writing your resignation letter then this section of letter will make it all clear with the numbers of practically written examples of resignation letters for example if you need to write a resignation letter since you have got a new opportunity to work with a better working environment simply write the letter like this.

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

I’m writing you this letter as my fully acknowledged resignation letter please accept this resignation letter by the following day (final working day). I have to take the resign from the company since I have got the position of my interest at (new company name) and I m looking forward to follow my interest in that direction.

I will literally miss these working days with my team, It was really nice working with such a prominent organization.
Thank you for all the opportunities that you provided me in this company I have learnt a lot from here. Please let me know if I can help you with anything as my last contribution towards this company in these last few days.
Thanking you


Resignation letter sample for the opportunity to go for higher studies 

Dear sir/ma’am

I m writing you this resignation letter kindly accept it the effective day of the letter is by (fill your final working day) . I have to resign from this noble company since i am going to continue my studies further and in that regard I have already enrolled myself in a graduate school.

I’m very thankful to you for all the learning and working opportunities that you have provided me during this working phase of my life with this company. Please ask me if there is anything that I could serve you with during these last remaining days of my service.
Thanking you



Best resignation letter sample

If you ask us what in a resignation letter makes it best among all we would simply say the format of the letter and the words that are chosen to fill this format. Remember this is going to be your last correspondence with your present company and you need to make it that memorable that could leave a lifelong impact of your image in his eyes.

resignation letter

We are attaching here a sample of a best resignation letter, and we urge you to have a look of it so that it could broaden your view of writing a best resignation letter.

Some other best aspects or the features of a best resignation letter could be if you mention the date on which you are writing the resignation letter, you and your employment company addresses, resignation declaration in simple yet in the formal words, the date of your departure, and you could also consider mentioning the reason of your resignation from your company do that only if you are comfortable sharing such reason and if it is something too personal you may ignore it.

Remember it is the kind of information and also the choice of your language written in your resignation letter that is what makes a resignation letter the best among all. Keep in mind to keep the resignation letter as precise as it can be and also to the point do not start mentioning your grievances in the resignation letter, you can do that by meeting your boss personally.

Sample of professional resignation letter/formal resignation letter sample

resignation letter template

This section of the article will provide you with some of few samples of a professional resignation letter. You may refer these samples and choose the best sample which suits your requirement to be chosen as your personal resignation letter. These samples of a professional resignation letter will also give you a sense of choosing the best formal language as per the sector of your particular company.

Sample of resignation letter with reason


There could be many reasons of your resignation from your  present company and the most sensitive reason sometimes happen to be your personal reason since in case of your personal reason it becomes very hard to disclose it to your boss. But there come across such situations when with certain employment company you have to put the reason of your resignation. When such situation comes over your head you just shy away from explaining such personal reasons since it becomes the matter of your privacy.

In that case we would suggest you if you do not want to disclose such personal reason you may avoid that, yes you may avoid that, but keep in mind that you write your letter in such a formal and understandable words that could clearly show your intention of resignation with the company and that would be considered as an appropriate notice of your resignation from the company.

Your main purpose is just to take an exit from your company and you have to do that being gentle towards your company or the boss since at the end of the day it’s the relationship of yours with the boss that counts, Do not ruin that.

Here is the sample of resignation letter with a reason


Sample of resignation letter WITH two week notice PERIOD

Every other employment company have their respective working policies and such policies differ in case of resignation as well. There are some employment companies from whom you can take the resignation with an immediate effect and there are some other companies which require you to issues them a notice of a particular time period before you take a resignation from the company. Assuming in a company that time period of notice is two weeks that means you have to issue a notice of minimum two weeks before you ask them for the resignation.

Such working policies are adopted in most of the developed countries such as US, JAPAN, CHINA, and many others such time period gap allow these company to hire someone else on your place so that the Working of the company could not get hampered. Here is the sample of such resignation letter

resignation letter template


Simple registration letter sample


After discussing and disclosing the various kinds of resignation letters and their samples, there comes another type of resignation letter and that is the simple resignation letter.
As it seems from its name this letter is actually very simple since it requires only the basic yet the important things in  a short paragraph. Here is the sample of simple resignation letter for your reference.


Resignation letter doc/world sample


All the above mentioned types of letters along with their samples attached in each section have also been converted into the doc or the ms word format. All these samples can be easily downloaded from the command link provided in this article you can download and edit their contained clause as per your requirement. We believe this article must have helped you in releasing out the pressure of writing a resignation letter from your head.

We wish you a better future prospective Good luck guest.



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